Konad Stamping Nail Art
KONAD Stamping Nail Art
KONAD STAMPING NAIL ART · anybody can enjoy nail art at home
KONAD Stamping Nail Art is a new nail-imprinting kit that lets you put designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in seconds. Apply or change designs any time you want, change designs weekly, daily or as many times you want. KONAD Stamping Nail Art kit can achieve delicate details never before achieve by hand painting. Do it yourself in just seconds at home, at a friend's house or bring it anywhere you desire. You can put designs not only on you nails but on mobile phone, earrings, pendant, bracelet, gift box, watches, calculators, clocks, sunglasses or any surface of your choice. With KONAD Stamping Nail Art kit you can create perfect, professional nail designs at a fraction of the time and money, just like a professional nail artiste ... or even better. It's neat and easy !!!

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