Konad Stamping Nail Art Set

Konad Stamping Nail Art Set

With any one of these kits you are ready to create your very own nail art designs.

Convenient packages of KONAD Stamping Nail Art kits for you to choose from. There is a kit suitable for every one. You can start creating beautiful nails right away with any of these kits. All necessary equipments like stamp, scraper, image plate and special polish are included.

* Everything are included in these kits, you can start creating beautiful nail are designs right away with any kit.

Konad Classic Collection I (without box)

Konad Set A (without box)

Konad Gold Set (without box)

Konad Classic Collection II (without box)

Konad Premium French Set (without box)

Konad Special Set (without box)

Konad Set B (without box)

Konad French Set (without box)

Konad Stone Set (without box)

Konad Christmas Set (without packaging)

Konad Set C (without packaging)

Konad Fancy Stamping Kit I (without packaging)