Konad Pro Salon Kit I (without aluminium case)

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* Ships without the aluminium case.

Kit includes:
1 Super Image Plate I (total 257 designs from m1 to m36)
 16 Large Special Polish (11ml, white 2pcs, yellow, pink pearl, pastel pink, dark orange, red, green, sky pearl, blue, light pearl, dark purple, royal purple, black, gold, silver)
 9 Image plate (m37 to m45)
 1 Special Base Coat (11ml)
 1 Nail Hardener (11ml)
 1 Glitter Top Coat (11ml, silver)
 1 Special Top Coat (11ml, clear)
 1 Glitter and Pallet Set (for Sponge Nail Art)
 1 One Touch Remover bottle (empty, 185ml)
 1 Stamp II
 1 Scraper II
 1 Scraper
 1 Double Sided Stamp
 1 Image Plate Holder
1 Rhinestone Set (169pcs)
 1 Design Emery Board
 1 2 Way Shining Buffer (arch)
 1 Clear File II (grit: 120/240)
 1 Acrylic Stick (long)
 1 Cuticle Oil Pen
 1 Cuticle Pusher (stainless steel)
 1 Cuticle Nipper (stainless steel)
 1 Cuticle Oil (11ml, jasmin)
 1 Nail Art Pen (glitter gold)
  (* All items are wrap individually to prevent damage during shipping and are ship without all unnecessary packaging materials and box. Ships without the aluminium case.)