11 Year Old Pakistani Kid Dies while playing Fortnite

Fahad Fayyaz, a student of Class 5 died while playing a quite popular game, Fortnite. Fahad was a resident of Model Town. His friends came to visit him and found him unconscious with the controller in his hands. They immediately took him to the hospitals. The doctors said that Fahad died due to cardiac arrest.

The reports revealed that Fahad went to his room at almost 5 pm to play Fortnite, his favorite game. He was extremely stressed as one of his friends did not join him to play the game. He told his fellow players that if he lost the game he will get a heart attack.

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The kid was extremely addicted to the game. His parents had to stop him or he would play the game for hours.

Riaz Khalid, the uncle of the kid said that they could never imagine that a game could kill a person. He said that parents need to be careful with kids having tech gadgets.

Adding, “Fahad’s parents knew about his addiction to the game and they used to stop him from getting so much involved in it. However, children with such an addiction never listen to their parents.”

This incident should be an eye-opener for all the kids and parents. They need to be careful because technology while being a blessing, is a curse as well.