Apple Releases iOS 16.1.1 Bug Fixes And Security Update

Apple has released a new software update for iPhone and iPad owners. The new iOS version 16.1.1 fixes security gaps and unspecified problems. The timely updating of the devices is therefore more important than ever.

iPhone and iPad users now receive an important security update for iOS 16. The new build number is 20B101. According to the first information, the new iOS 16.1.1 version brings bug fixes for the SKAdNetwork for developers and fixes WLAN connectivity problems.

In the release notes, however, Apple only writes something about unspecified security-related changes. A lot of information hasn’t leaked out yet.

How do you get iOS 16.1.1

The distribution takes place as an over-the-air update (OTA), depending on the user settings, either at the preselected time or directly when available.

You can also use iTunes with a PC for the update and connect your iOS device there. If you want to receive the update as quickly as possible and don’t want to wait for the automatic installation, you can search for the software update in the settings and install it directly. To do this, go to Settings / General / Software update. The iOS update is displayed there, you can start the download and install it directly. This usually gives you the update faster than waiting for an update notification or choosing the automatic function.

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Update now

The update is strongly recommended for all iOS 16 users due to the security-related changes. In addition to the update for the iPhone, Apple has also released iPadOS 16.1.1 and MacOS Ventura 13.0.1.

Release Notes of iOS 16.1.1

iOS 16.1.1 includes improvements, bug fixes and security updates.