Stamping Nail Art Help

Difficulty transferring image from plate to stamp.

  • Clean stamp, scraper and plate with acetone based remover, it may not work if you use non-acetone based remover.
  • When applying special polish to image plate, do it in one thick stroke do not apply multiple thin strokes as the polish on image plate would dried up by the time you finish.
  • When scraping off excess polish from image plate hold scraper at an approximate 30 to 60 degree angle with KONAD word facing the direction you are scraping and do it in a single stroke. 
  • After scraping use stamp to pick up the design from image plate by stamping on plate with a little force and in one action do not stamp multiple times. Do this immediately after scraping as the polish on image plate is very thin after scraping and will dry up very quickly.
  • After picking up the image, you can now take some time to position and stamp on your nails.
  • For longer lasting image, apply a base coat or nail colour before stamping any desing on nails.

For more information please watch the demo video.