Finalmouse introduces the Finalmouse Centerpiece Keyboard

Finalmouse is a PC accessory brand. It has announced a distinct mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard was announced along with the animated images of the images. As per these images, the mechanical keyboard features a display from beneath the transparent glass keycaps.

There are several keyboards in the market that include moving RGB LED Lights as part of their design. In comparison, the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard features “interactive skins”. These interactive skins are based on Unreal Engine 5. the 3D computer graphics game engine.

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At the bottom of the keyboard switches, there is a display. This display projects the scenes of the skin visible to the user. One skin displays a koi fish swimming around. If a key is pressed the fish swim out of view. Other skins include:

  • Cherry blossoms
  • ice cracking
  • clouds
  • a lion grazing
  • a galaxy
  • the Eye of Sauron
  • a spaceship blasting off
  • and others

The spec details of the display are yet to be shared by Finalmouse. These details include resolution, brightness, refresh rate, and exact size, etc. According to Finalmouse, the keyboard is fueled by its own CPU and GPU. Thus, indicating that the keyboard’s resources are separate from the devices with which it is connected.

The Steam app of the company is known as The Freethinker Portal. The interesting thing to note here is that artists can submit their skins on this app. Thus, having the chance for monetization. Not many details about the app are known at this time. However, the app will be available for users to download the designs. Do note that the Centerpiece keyboard is capable of storing around three designs. A dedicated switch on the side of the peripheral helps to switch between the downloaded designs. Moreover, the users don’t need to turn on the animations all the time. On the side of the keyboard, a brightness knob is provided. It doubles as an on/off switch.

Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack is the glass material used for the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard. This material goes over an aluminum frame. Apart from its material, the company states that users should have no issues given the durability of the keyboard.

In addition to this, the keyboard holds a distinct typing sound. This sound is similar to the soft marble raindrops. However, this feature has not gone through hands-on testing yet. The keyboard consists of Gateron’s linear Black Ink switches. As per Finalmouse, these switches have 4 millimeters of travel and actuate with 60 grams of force.

The company mentioned that it will introduce an analog version of the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard. This analog will feature Hall effect sensors. However, the peripheral is priced at $350. It will be available for purchase early next year.