Instafest Spotify app: What You Need To Know Before Festival Lineup

In recent days, InstaFest has gone very viral, an app that allows people to imagine what the poster of a personal music festival would be like if it were made from the likes and most listened-to artists on their Spotify account

To do this, of course, the person must give the Instafest application permission to their Spotify account to ‘read’ their most listened-to playlists and songs. Hence the concern arises: is InstaFest safe?

Instafest has become popular thanks to the fact that it allows people to show their musical tastes and compare them with those of others. The platform creates a poster with three dates, very similar to what happens at events like Lollapalooza, Stereo Picnic, Coachella, or other similar ones.

On each date of the Instafest the main artists of the event appear in large letters (who are the most listened to and favorites of each user) and thus the rest of the bands and singers are invited to the personalized ‘festival’ for each Spotify user.

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The question is knowing how risky it is to give Instafest permission to access each user’s Spotify.

EL TIEMPO carefully reviewed the permits required by Instafest, as well as its conditions of service, to find out how dangerous or not the platform can be.

The first permission required by Instafest is to ‘access your Spotify account data’. This means that it will be able to ‘read’ your username, profile picture, and public playlists on your Spotify.

The second permission Instafest requires before creating your custom ‘your festival’ poster is to ‘view activity on Spotify‘, that is, the main content and artists, that you consume, listen to and have in your playlists the most, the number of minutes you enjoy of such artists, etc.

Is this unsafe? Not at the beginning. Under Instafest’s terms of service, such information you ‘read’ is not shared with third parties, nor is it stored outside of your phone. He says that it is not used commercially either, but, there is always a doubt: then why do those of Instafest do this ‘for free? It is better to prevent a third party from being able to access your Spotify account and activity information.