Samsung generates around $10 million via the Samsung Global Goals app

Global Goals is a plan launched by United Nations. It was introduced in 2015. Almost 193 nations support this initiative. This program is aimed at resolving seventeen different global issues. These issues include health care, poverty, education, climate change, and gender equality. These issues are targeted to be resolved by 2030. Samsung, the tech giant, participated in this program by introducing Samsung Global Goals app. As of now, Samsung publicized that it has generated around $10,00,00,00 given the Global Goals.

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Samsung collaborated with United Nations to play its part in the development of a sustainable society. It joined hands with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In 2019, the Global Goals app by Samsung was introduced for Android. These apps enable the users to donate their money for any one of the seventeen targeted global issues. Users can donate as little as $1. Thus, projecting their support for resolving Global Issues via in-app payment methods.

Given the Samsung Global Goals app, direct donations i.e., contributing the money is not the only way through which money is raised. Various advertisements have been incorporated into the Samsung Global Goals app. The money produced via showing these commercials is contributed directly to the cause. Samsung has taken the resolution a step forward by contributing some amount on its behalf if a specified amount is raised by the user. Let us say if a user generates $5 for clicking on ads, Samsung will contribute $5 on their behalf.

Even if you don’t have that many resources to contribute directly to the cause, you can still be a part of this program. Just enable the option of watching ads and tap on them to generate money. Followed by that choose any one cause from the list and donate your generated amount. In accordance with the reports by the Tech giant, the app has been installed for around 300 million Galaxy devices internationally. Sadly, the app is not available on iOS. If this happens in the future, Samsung would be able to generate and contribute much more to the cause.