The LTE-enabled versions of smartwatches now show navigation without connecting to the smartphone

What if your wearable show Google Maps without connecting to your smartphone?

Ever wondered how a smartwatch could show navigation without connecting to a mobile device? Well, this is possible now. Since Google has declared that Google Maps will operate on Wear OS wearables having LTE connectivity. In addition to this, the Maps will even function when they are not paired with the mobile device. It suggests that navigation instructions will be shown on various LTE-enabled Wear OS smartwatches including Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

However, the LTE-enabled smartwatch requires an active data plan for Google Maps to operate independently of the smartphone connection. The company has mentioned that this feature is extremely helpful in scenarios when users left their phones behind and want directions on their way back home. This will work as a standalone feature on LTE-enabled OS wearables.

Additionally, the wearable will present the users with another attractive feature. For instance, you are using Google Maps and utilizing the data connection from your device to an LTE-enabled Wear OS smartwatch. Suddenly the two devices disconnect. In this instance, the watch will take over the operation of navigation from your smartphone. This suggests that an activated data plan on your Wear OS will provide the users with easy access to Google Maps anytime.

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As of now, no official word has been regarding the new feature update on LTE- enabled Wear OS smartwatches. We can anticipate the new feature to arrive via an update to the Google Maps app on the watch.

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