Top 10 Largest Mobile Companies in the World – 2020

In this article, we will tell our readers about the Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies in the World in 2020.


Samsung, the South Korean brand, is the leading mobile phone company in the world in 2020. The net worth of Samsung is $1.2 Trillion. Its headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea. Its production annually is 394 million handsets while sales per year are 321.2 million units. Introducing innovative mobile phones for all segments has made it the leading cellphone company in the world.


Apple, with its luxurious iPhones, is the second leading mobile company in the world. The net worth of Apple is $1.3 Trillion. The brand host country is the United States. The annual production of Apple iPhones is 217.72 million, sales per year are 217+ million iPhones while the revenue of the company per year is $53.8 billion USD. Apple’s foolproof security, its design, and features have ensured that the company has its own set of loyal users.


Huawei, despite facing issues in the U.S and the European market has still been able to retain number three spot in the top mobile phone company in the world. The net worth of Huawei is $122 Billion. The brand country is China. Production per year of Huawei is 200 million units. Sales per year is $107.13 billion USD while the revenue per year is $8397.01Million USD. The supreme cameras, amazing design, affordable prices and high performing processors makes Huawei phone worth purchasing.

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OnePlus with its $1.4 Billion net worth, 7.5 million units produced per year, 7 million units sold per year, 1.5 billion revenue per year is the fourth leading mobile company in the world. There is a balance of amazing features and extraordinary performance found in OnePlus phones which makes the company one of the topmost companies in the world in 2020.


Xiaomi is the 5th leading company in the world in 2020 with $46 Billion net worth, 206 million units production per year, 119 million phone sales per year, and $25.4 billion USD revenue per year.


Oppo is a Chinese mobile company. It is the 6th leading smartphone brand in the world with $450 Million net worth, 29.8 million units produced per year, 29 million units sold per year, and $137.7 million USD revenue per year. The superior phone camera technology makes the company stand out.


Vivo is a Chinese brand. It is the 7th largest mobile company in the world. The net worth of the company is $470 Million. The company produces 50 million units per year, sells 49.5 million units, and generates 46 million USD revenue per year.


Sony, a Japanese brand is the 8th largest mobile phone company in the world. The company produces 7 million units per year. The sales per year of the company are 6.5 million phones while it generates $77 billion USD in revenue. Sony was the first brand that offered a water-resistant feature, that ensured high reliability.


Nokia is the 9th leading mobile phone company with a $24.15 Billion net worth. The company produced 18 million units per year, sold 15 million units, and generated $26.647 billion in revenue. Based on its battery performance, Nokia has remained one of the topmost mobile phone companies in the world.


LG, with its net worth of $25 Billion, producing 5 million units, selling $5.23 billion USD, and generating $2.8 billion USD revenue per year is the 10th leading mobile phone company in the world.

This article was first published in 2018, it will be updated soon as the statistics change.