Top 10 websites for finding Memes and GIFs

The new non-verbal tongue in the social media age is Memes and GIFs. You don’t know what to say to someone, a perfect meme or GIF will come to your rescue and make your life easy. Here are the top 10 websites for memes and gifs


Giphy is the largest and most popular GIF image repository with 100 million visitors daily visiting Any moving image you can think of is available at Giphy.  In the Giphy library, the users can search through different categories, keywords, hashtag and look at different reactions of the people. Giphy also displays different partner galleries including that of Disney, Kit Kat and also NASA created an official channel on Giphy.

Tumblr TV

Tumblr TV is another interesting GIF site that enables users to stream the trending GIFs. It will show users the GIFs on the topic or show the tag as per the choice on full screen. Click on the button ‘Next’ and find the appropriate GIF image you are looking for. Furthermore, Tumblr is an amazing platform to share GIFs.

What Should We Call Me

This blog is interesting as it sounds. Looking for relatable GIFs, the ones that accurately summarizes your life, visit this site. All the GIFs are created by the two best friends who started this site. A few are picked by some other sources but the GIFs on this website amazingly express things you can’t through words.

Animal GIFs

If you are an animal lover or relate with things if they are displayed through Animal GIFs, this is the site you must visit. The page has not been updated since September 2012 but the page’s archive data already has amazing Animal GIFs available.

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Educational GIFs

Complex educational things are explained through amazing GIFs on Educational GIFs page. There are a collection of simple GIFs on this page that summarize how things in institutions work. If you are looking for educational GIFs visit the archive page to look at the thumbnails.

Reaction GIFs

Different emotions, feelings are displayed in the Reaction GIFs website. On this page, you will only find GIFs relating to reactions. You can search for Reaction GIFs through keyword, tag or gallery

Cute Cat GIFs

This website is just dedicated to cat GIFs. Proving a point through a Cat GIF or if you are a cat lover, this page is made for you. It is cute, witty and will make you tension free through the adorable cat GIFs.

Make a GIF

Tired of all the regular GIFs?  Do you have your own idea? Then make your own GIF through pictures or video. Along with this website also has the regular GIFs that you can search through category or keyword.

Funny or Die

To find the Best GIFs available visit this site as it combines the weekly collections of Best GIFs of All Time. As of now, there are more than 170 collections available that you can browse and find the best ones.

Meme Generator

This site claims to be the first site to have started memes in 2009. The GIFs here are organized by characters in the library.