Urbanic: Revolutionising Fashion

Urbanic is a brand that focuses on creativity and sustainability through advanced technology, said James Wellwood, CEO and Founder Partner, Urbanic at BW Future of Design Summit and Awards.

“Our main goal as a brand is to provide sustainable and creative fashion using advanced technology. We utilise proprietary technology and AI to ensure all aspects of our business, including community and sustainability, are managed efficiently. This is at the core of our business,” he said.

Notably, Urbanic was started in 2019, with a focus on emerging markets. Its first market was India in 2019, and now they have expanded to Brazil and Mexico.

He said that the company is currently in three markets focused on female consumers and its goal is to enfranchise female consumers in emerging markets who traditionally haven’t had access to affordable, high-quality fashion trends.

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The CEO said that Urbanic is building a community that includes customers, influencers and their team, which spans India, Brazil, Mexico and London.

He also explained that the company is focusing on localisation elements.

“Our focus this year in India is to incorporate more localisation elements into our business. This involves our local merchandising and design teams actively seeking out local manufacturers who can work with locally sourced materials, thereby empowering the local community. This localisation aspect is a significant theme and a key focus for us moving forward,” he said.

Urbanic operates using a direct-to-consumer model, creating huge efficiencies to keep prices competitive while maintaining high-quality standards.

While talking about sustainability Wellwood said that the brand is committed to being a sustainable business and they have initiated many sustainability projects, such as partnering with the clothes box foundation to upcycle deadstock and repurpose them for local communities in need.